Special Kind of Crazy: Starbucks Edition

There’s an inherent design flaw in Starbucks coffee cups. They drip. They drip from that spot where the lid meets the seam of the cup, and it makes me a special kinda crazy! The only drip I want my coffee to do is in the pot. Not on me!

As a person on the move I have to have things that can pick up and go with me. Things that can keep-up with my daily hustle; I expect my coffee to be one of them. But with the aforementioned structural snafu, my coffee certainly does not keep-up! The fact that my Venti-Soy-Misto with 3/4 coffee and 2 raw sugars drips in a way that can only be likened to a kind of medieval water torture has me worked into a high frenzy. But never the quitter I’ve worked diligently to remedy this dilemma.

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce the “BIB”; a strategically placed napkin folded specifically to keep the best part of waking up from becoming your own private purgatory!

Allow me to explain –

Upon receiving your favorite caffeinated coffee treat remove the lid and proceed to doctor your beverage diligently. While adding the finishing touches to what can now be referred to as your morning coffee remove the sleeve from your cup and set it aside. Take a napkin and fold it a quarter of the way down, creasing it to ensure the fold remains in place. The next part takes a little finesse but if it ensures you a morning commute drip free and potentially a lower dry cleaning bill then all I can say to you is practice makes perfect. With your napkin now folded wrap it against the side of your cup so that it’s flush with the top of the cup and the seam runs up the middle of the folded napkin. Grasp the cup and the aligned folded napkin from above with one hand and work to slip the sleeve on with the other hand. Ensuring the napkin is snug between the cup and the sleeve and gently settle it into place. Voila! The bib is set secure and ready to face the day with you, drip free! And that’s my special kinda crazy folks.

Post authored by Josh Schulteis

  1. Renee said:

    Brilliant! Will definitely try.

    • Ever since this post I have converted to this method. Josh’s idea has saved so many of my shirt sleeves!

  2. Deena said:

    your a genius!

    • Aw shucks, and here I was thinking I was just a special kind of crazy 🙂

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