Frankenstein and Myrrh

Charles Dickens seems to have extended the seasonal expiration of ghoulish hauntings through to the winter Holidays. And while I love a parable steeped with tradition, caroling and possibly wassail, I do take issue when the haunting moves from the spinet to my kitchen. Nobody messes with my kitchen!

My plastic containers smell after the Holidays and continue to ‘til the spring. The unique mix of leftover seasonal delicacies, takeout, and homemade treats combine into this ghastly odor that you would imagine could only emanate from the walls of the Bates’ Motel. An odiferous mystery torments my roomates and me as we stare at empty plastic containers and ask each other questions like, “Is that peppermint or curry? When did we have cake and pad thai? Who had ham?” Their smell can only be attributed to supernatural possession; it’s the only logical explanation! I mean it’s what I imagine Slimer’s ectoplasmic goop to smell like… otherworldly and yet eerily familiar…

But have no fear; I’ve recently learned that Jacob Marley and his posse of spectral squatters can be easily smudged out from your plastic carry-alls with no smoking sagebrush required. In fact its so common you might have it in your cupboard right now; white distilled vinegar! Yup that’s it, no need for an exorcist. Simply dampen a cloth or thick paper towel with some white distilled vinegar and wipe the plastic containers clean, lid and all. Rinse with some warm water and they should be good as new.  And when they start to get a little funky again… who you gonna call? WHITE VINEGAR!

Post authored by Josh Schulteis 

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