Don’t Fidget. Seriously.

I learned to pay attention to fidgeting when I decided to commit to a daily yoga practice.

Early in my endeavor, I was inwardly cursing Pattabhi Jois in a sweat puddle on my mat pulling up a soggy pair of leggings, when my very wise teacher said to me: If you do not fidget with your clothes once during the entire practice you will have more energy to finish well. If you only use the energy you need for practice you will have lots left over. I, queen of the fidget, did not really believe him. But, trying to be an A student and a teacher’s pet, I can’t help it – I’m just that girl, I decided I would hereby fidget no longer.

I WOULD NOT pull up my pants – I just started standing in the back so as not to bring the plumber situation into my experience, or any else’s. I WOULD NOT pull down my shirt – again, standing in the back and pretending to have abs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  I WOULD NOT tame the mess of curls exploding out of my ponytail – embracing my inner (and outer) Cousin It. And lo and behold, my practice got stronger instantly. I had channeled all of my fidget energy into practice energy. It was like yoga equity! That was valuable chaturanga strength spent pulling up those pants! Valuable handstand strength trying to tame untamable locks! Channeling my energy and my focus, expending only what was required left me feeling energized and prepared for the rest of the day. Good one, Guru – 10 points for you.

This week, in the practice of my life, I will not fidget. I will not spend energy where it is not needed, I will channel my inner fidget to my daily life practice. I expect to find Friday with more peace of mind and some energy left over for the weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes. Happy Monday.


Post authored by Brooke Stone

  1. Renee said:

    This is a very inspiring post! I just learned about your website and blog today through one of your LMPs, Jacob Lieberman. He is a dear friend and I’m so happy I now know about this blog. Before I read your post, I decided last night that I wasn’t going to go to a “filler” audition this morning for many reasons, but mainly because the energy spent at the audition would be “fidget” energy. Needless to say, I channeled my energy with intention and in a more direct and useful way. Thanks for your wise words!

    • Thanks Renee! We love Jacob and he is responsible for all of the yet to be unveiled graphics you will see here very soon. Thanks for your great example, I’m finding it tricky to do this – but realllllly useful to try and to bring awareness to it. I hope you keep reading!

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