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With the weather being as it has this past week here in NYC, two things are certain; the Mayans have had it right all along and cold season is in full swing. As the later is more substantiated I’ll stick to it, though do check back in December regarding the former.

We do what we can to prevent from catching cold but when it does happen all we can do is push liquids and wait. For me, I sequester myself away and watch Top Model marathons with a box of tissues, some homemade chicken soup (which is only homemade because I opened the can at home) and gallons of Gatorade.

Well, with any luck the bug passes after a few days and your only left with a couple sniffles, some empty soup cans, and a few new catch phrases you wish you didn’t remember! Your also left with what might have been your only constant companion while you were feelin’ down right crummy – your box of tissues. Always there, showing constant concern for you sheet after sheet. Tissues always ready at hand to soothe and care for you and if you splurged all with a touch of aloe.

I propose its time we repay the kindness that our box of tissues showed us in our time of need and we show them that they can continue to be needed long after they are emptied of tissues. Reuse them! I like to reuse my empty tissue box as a storage solution for plastic grocery bags. If you hold your plastic grocery bag and flatten it so its about the width of a 2” rope and fold it in half, its the perfect size to keep them in your empty tissue box. Insert your flat and folded plastic grocery bag into the top of the tissue box and continue to fill it so that the bags fit snuggly inside. Hooray! Your tissue box will be elated with its new lease on life. You’ll be happy ‘cause its cheap and useful storage solution and the Earth will be psyched because it’s a little greener. And who doesn’t like a greener planet – even if the Mayans are right…

Post authored by Josh Schulteis

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