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Remember Monday? When my sage advice was: Don’t Fidget ? Well here we are at Friday and I have some news. It is hard. Wicked hard. I did OK, lot’s of room for improvement, but I was happy about a few things. I was patient with myself when I found myself fidgeting and was vigilant about constantly reminding myself to pay attention to the fidgeting. Usually I’m only patient with others and vigilant about nagging my husband – so, 10 points for me.

The biggest realization came one day when Brooke was fidgeting, and Brooke said to Brooke “Stop fidgeting,” and Brooke said, “I AM SO SICK OF YOU SAYING THAT” and Brooke said, “Fair enough. Why are you so fidgety anyway?” (!!!!!!!!!!) And there it is everyone. The bazillion dollar question – WHY?

It is not only about the fidgeting and brainless waste of limited energy reserves. It is about getting to the root of the issue, why am I feeling fidgety? Is it truly just a habit or am I feeling uncomfortable with whatever is being tossed around in my brain? Am I fidgeting because I’m bored – and if I am, why am I? And if I’m bored with a project – why am I doing it?!

This kind of honing in on one particular habit often sheds light on so many other things. I can’t wait to figure out what is making me fidgety and what my brain is really trying to tell me, other than pick that hangnail and scrunch your hair.

Anyone else recently examine a seemingly meaningless habit to uncover meaning?

Post authored by Brooke Stone

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