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I cannot stress enough the incredible power of having a daily (weekly, monthly, whatever) mantra to positively impact your capacity to make the most of your day and your life. The definition of a mantra, as defined by, is:

man·tra [man-truh, mahn-, muhn-] noun
1. Hinduism . a word or formula, as from the Veda, chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer.
2. an often repeated word, formula, or phrase, often a truism


My definition of the word mantra is:
man·tra [man-truh, mahn-, muhn-] necessity
1. a little phrase I say to myself when I start to get overwhelmed, go crazy or feel extremely anything
2. something my yoga teacher chants in Sanksrit every morning that I still don’t know a word of even though I have heard it everyday for 3 years (don’t judge, it’s long)


So how can having a mantra help you be more productive? Simple. If you have a mantra for all of your frequent or occasional heightened states of mind you can talk yourself back down to earth very quickly, therefore getting back on the ground without wasting too much time in euphoria, depressed or heart attack mode. Here are a few of mine and their best uses. Can’t wait to hear about yours.

Extreme state of mind: Incredibly excited, adrenaline overloaded and ready to take on the world
Result if allowed to get out of hand: Exhausted, adrenaline headache and rude awakening when I realize taking on the world is a lofty goal I may not hit this week
Mantra to employ so result is avoided: Slow and steady, every race.


Extreme state of mind: Huge sense of urgency, feeling the world will end if this email, note, whatever doesn’t get finished RIGHT NOW (or five minutes ago)
Result if allowed to get out of hand: unsightly vein bulging, extreme bossiness resulting in silent treatment from peers, husband and cats, mistakes from rushing
Mantra to employ so result is different: Very little is TRULY urgent.


Do you have a mantra that works for you?


P.S. If anyone knows a good recording of the Ashtanga invocation I now feel as though I really should know it. Thanks.

Post authored by Brooke Stone
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