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There is something to be said for Apple and its products. It has created revolutionary technology and shortcuts for everyday life. The company has singlehandedly changed the way people use and view technology. The newest of these innovations keeping in trend with their tech savvy revolution – I am talking about Siri.

This new add-on to iPhones allows users to ask said technology to complete tasks and the interface will comply. Siri has been marketed even more recently as a personal assistant for the average person. So, Apple creates great technology and Apple has employed Siri and thus it must be equivalent in greatness, right? I wonder.

The real underlying question is as old as technology itself. Can machines replace humans?

This subject can become somewhat heady. reported on the subject explaining that we are currently in the midst of a ‘Great Restructuring’ of job creation which redistributes jobs to machines. also reported on the issue, delving into the same notion that all jobs are possibly replaceable with machines. They noted that we are in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution, which simply means we have yet to see the end of what machines can accomplish. Forbes magazine even cited in a recent article that this has been happening since the inception of machinery. The article speaks specifically about the invention of mechanized looms and the pushback within the early 19th century to use such things in order to preserve human workers.

So it seems bleak, from multiple sources; however, that is only the beginning. PBS,, and Forbes all go on to cite that researchers across the board have found that no machine is and could ever be than the human mind. Right! This means you and I have something no thing or invention could ever detract from. We are innately smarter than machines.

Siri is a brilliant invention and a useful tool for many things, but there are things it cannot do. Siri cannot calm you when you are having a meltdown about a multitude of things. Siri cannot type, or dictate, or do extraneous errands around town for you. Siri cannot talk to a principle, relative, business colleague, or community member for you. Siri, in all of its glory, cannot be human.

I think what is truly remarkable from all of the reporting, researching, and relaying of facts is that humans are kind of awesome. Sure we need help to accomplish things, we can overwhelm ourselves, and we can even run ourselves into the ground. But, there is something beautiful and simplistic in knowing that the best solution to our problems is to simply ask for help. We are best at helping each other. Despite our seemingly omniscient counterparts, helping is not an add-on, its innate. So, as great as Siri is, there is something to be said for humanity and the ability of oneself.

Post authored by Trevor Worden 

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