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Ok folks, this is why I love being a part of Praxis.  Just this afternoon, Josh Schulteis (my Praxis manager and all-around incredible co-worker) met me in my apartment to work through some design plans. Josh walked into my small work area (I mean really small) and his eyes went directly to a small shelf above my desk.  This small wooden shelf houses several mason and jam jars brimming with perfectly sharpened pencils of every shape, color and size.  He looked at me straight in the eyes and said: “Literally?”

Makes you want to get to work, no?

I didn’t anticipate that my workspace would be particularly striking to Josh, but I quickly realized that it’s this special kind of crazy that is exactly what Praxis is all about – I need my pencils sharpened and ready.  I need my pencils to be sharpened and ready, waiting for me, in preparation for that flash of inspiration.  As a graphic designer and illustrator, I need to be prepared for luck.  I don’t have time to sharpen my pencils or go searching for that particular shade.  The inspiration may have already passed by that point.  I simply don’t have the time for a warm-up – I need my pencils sharpened and ready for that lucky idea to be sketched out, written down, drafted and set on paper.

I need my workspace to greet me every time I sit down to work.  What do you do to stay prepared for luck?  Do you keep a pad and pen by your bedside to jot down those last thoughts of brilliance that always pop up before bed?  Is it a matter of keeping a toothbrush in your purse in case you might have that last minute offer to stay the night at his place? Or is it simply a matter of setting one small hour aside during your weekend to do nothing and decompress, because when your mind quiets down the ideas begin to flow?

Comment, post, let us know your great secrets to staying prepared for inspiration, for love, for greatness.

Post authored by Jacob Liberman

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