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Lately I have found myself refreshed and ready for each day since New Years. You may ask, “How do you have time feel refreshed and ready for the past month, when you are juggling jobs, auditions, and life in general?”. More importantly how could you feel this way, while you juggle all of the things you have on your own plate? Well, hypothetical questioner, I have picked up an old book off of my shelves and put it to better use.

There is this great book I was referred to in college. It is a book meant to help artists live better, artistic, creative, and more fulfilled lives. The book is called The Artist’s Way. It proved to make very impassioned guidelines for anyone in the arts, professionally. There is something the book implores all of it’s readers to do called, “The Morning Pages”. These are essentially pages you write when you first wake up. It is sort of irrelevant as to when you wake up, but as long as it is the first thing you do when you do awaken. It is important to write them when you first wake up so that you get all of your first thoughts down on the pages. If you take time to get ready, shower, drink coffee or whatever then you are giving yourself time to process the thoughts inside you. You are also never supposed to reread the pages you’ve written and to let them go as soon as they are down on the page.

The purpose of these pages, I think, is to get yourself out of your own way. They are meant to keep you from censoring yourself. They can be a stream of conscious, a narrative, or anything really. The point is to write and not stop for three pages. The pages are meant to get all of your thoughts, baggage, nightmares, worries, or anything else onto a page and out of your mind. They are supposed to help you feel more present in everyday situations, because you would have emptied your mind of any other things in the morning.

Well, I have been doing these, “Morning Pages” as part of a New Year’s resolution. So far I have found it pretty interesting. I find that a lot of what I write is absolute crap, but that doesn’t really matter. Sometimes I even write down over and over, ‘I have no idea what to write about right now’. So all sorts of things come out on these pages in the morning, but most importantly it has emptied a load of things that usually sit in my brain and fester. These pages empty my brain of worries, impending deadlines, aspired goals, and everything in between. I have noticed that it has kept me open to whatever comes my way during the course of the day.

Now to be honest, there are times when these pages seem daunting. Once you start putting pen to paper the easier the pages come, though. The more you write the easier and more accessible it will be. That is to say, there will be days it is harder to write that not. There will be days when you will want to push it all aside; however, I think if you do push it aside, after doing it for a steady amount of time, then you will notice a strong difference.

Writing every morning can yield different outcomes. I am certainly not saying that you will end up with the same results I have come across, but I am saying that I think it is important enough to try. I think trying something never hurt anyone, and if you are finding yourself clouded with worries, or doubts, or even goals you want to attain; try writing it down! It could change the way you approach your day, altogether.

It is a simple suggestion, but a suggestion all the same. The end result is all meant to help you, and so far it has helped me immensely.

Post authored by Trevor Worden 

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