The Pleasures of a Drop Off

Have you ever dashed out of the house, only to realize you’ve left your keys / wallet / phone / important documents / anything remotely important behind? Happens all the time? Happens at least once in a blue moon? Ok folks, get ready for the small change in your daily routine (and costs almost nothing) that will actually change EVERYTHING.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce The Drop Off: I come in the door each evening, empty all of my pockets, clean out my backpack, and take less than five minutes to put my daily move-ables into their rightful homes. That’s it. Literally. The only key here is that these objects must have a home. And the big secret is to create a habit THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU that brings about complete mindless repetition to do this at the end of every long day. Whether exhausted, distracted, drunk, on the phone, or in a rush, I always head to The Drop Off FIRST.

Again: Step one.  Always head to The Drop Off first. Do not pass go, do not run to the bathroom first.  Well maybe pee first. And then head to the dropoff.

Here’s my Drop Off – though many friends have variations on this theme THAT WORK FOR THEM. Mine works for me but might be the complete wrong way to organize your often-sought-after items.

Right by the side of the door to my room lives a small wooden card-table. Mine was purchased at the hardware store, 4.99 – but any bookshelf, night-stand, or flat surface will do. On the tabletop sits one large shallow bowl for keys (make it beautiful, something you love to look at), one recycled glass tray I now use for a wallet and receipt holder, one glass mug for change. Hand lotion, chapstick, ipod, all get pulled out of my backpack in their respective places once I walk in the door. Because tomorrow I will inevitably wear a different jacket, use a different backpack, and all will be lost as I try to book it out of the door in the morning.

The only other key to a Drop Off is to have enough EMPTY SPACE to place the important items for the next day before you go to bed. Step two: Place all important items for the following day into this area before bed.

It seems so simple! But seriously it will change your life.  Since I implemented my Drop Off at home, I have yet to misplace keys, always know where my iPod is before I head out of the house, always have important files ready to go before I leave the house each morning.

Try it out – test out our system, share what worked for you, share what didn’t. But it’ll work… I just know it.

Post authored by Jacob Liberman


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