Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

If you are anything like me, tomorrow’s schedule is already in-the-works, your dinner is pre-planned, and your laptop is creatively arrayed with post-it notes. Along comes the notion to see your entire to-do list “checked off” and tasks completed (I admit I sometimes label it my “to-accomplish” list instead).  In the midst of seemingly efficient strategies, however, you sense that even your lists are too much to handle, not quite organized enough. Why the tension?

One great lesson that life has taught me: What I do is not who I am. The many bullet points on my to-do list, and the various calendar appointments I create, do not dictate the person I am; but they do indicate what is truly important to me. When I begin to sense the irony between a clean list of tasks and its hectic nature, I must ask myself, “Why the tension?”. I believe that creating a list of priorities is a very different, yet more significantly fulfilling, concept than a mere list of tasks.

The dictionary definition of “a priority task” is “highest or higher in importance, rank, privilege, etc.”  Categorize and rank your priorities. Are they relationships? Career? Spirituality? Intellectual pursuits? When writing your to-do list, consider under which priorities your tasks fall.

Allow yourself time to ponder and room to discover the art of prioritizing.

Post authored by Kristen Evensen

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