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Here we are, Valentine’s Day once again. You may think of Valentine’s Day as just another useless holiday, a Hallmark invention, or a day specific to the madly in love. To me, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to talk about passion, which I believe is the universal language.

I started Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management at a time in my life when my passion for what I had always wanted, or thought I wanted, was fading away. After a lifetime devoted to pursuing a career in musical theater and a few years of success, I no longer found myself firing up before hitting the stage. My passion for my dream was just…gone. Theater was the only thing (I thought) I knew, so when I realized it was a big factor contributing to my unhappiness, I was terrified. WHAT was I going to do?!

As always, the control freak in me took over and I spent the next six months systematically figuring out not only where my passion had gone, but what it meant to be passionate in the first place. I have always been a fiercely passionate person, so I knew my passion wasn’t permanently gone – it had just relocated. If only I could find it…

I set off on a six month period of apartment painting, hyper organizing, belongings purging, cooking myself fat-ing and general vision board making. I read lots of personal development books, spent time with the people in my life who were adding to my happiness and separated myself from those who were trying to snatch it away. I spent time and energy on my relationship with my husband, my family and myself.

Along the way I found myself attracted to people who were passionate about anything. I realized it never mattered exactly what the people around me were passionate about, but seeing passion in others awoke passion in me. When I got my mojo back, I saw my passion inspire others too. I remember thinking – now this is productive! Simply being around someone who is passionate is motivating me…neat.

When I started Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management I didn’t know much, but I took this truth I had learned about passion and decided that one of the most important characteristics everyone involved with BSLM must have would be passion. Passion would be our universal language, the common denominator between all of us, fostering productive and compassionate communications and relationships. If I was passionate about organizing and my client was passionate about banking, we could communicate because we shared the exhilarated, motivated and driven perspective that comes from being fueled by passion of any kind.

Loving something, feeling passionate about something is what makes us put one foot in front of the other every day. We naturally try to share this feeling with others so they too may have an easier time moving forward with the great energy and drive we feel. Time spent discovering your passions or feeding them is never wasted or unproductive. Being passionate can only be productive in fact, because it fuels everything you do and the others around you too.

Make Valentine’s Day about your passion; find it, stoke it, live it. And buy yourself a box of chocolates, because you don’t need someone else to buy them for you to make them special.

Post authored by Brooke Stone

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