Recession = Awesome?

Sure, money is tight – but that never means that life should not be lived to its fullest.  Here at Praxis we are always out to maximize our fun despite a tighter budget – so we’re on the hunt for Recession Lessons, those great deals and New York City secrets that let you in on awesome stuff for awesomely inexpensive prices.

Brooke recently posted about the Recession Latte – but I was shocked to discover that the Recession Movie Date is alive and well amongst my friends and co-workers in New York City.  Did you know that at many of New York’s cinemas, the first showing is half price?  This weekend I scored the best $6 movie I had ever seen – at 11:50am on Sunday I arrived at the Lincoln Square AMC pumped for the GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, to find that the theater was barely half-full – and my prime real estate in the center section waiting for me and my roommates.  We had grabbed egg sandwiches, coffees and a carton of orange juice en route, stuffed them in our backpacks, and spent a delicious brunch and movie together for less than $8.50 each.  Seriously folks, amazing.   See Rooney Mara steal the show (and maybe this year’s Best Actress Oscar).  Eat your egg, spinach, and fontina sandwich – or your egg ham and cheese – or your sausage egg and pepper sammy with your besties.  And then sieze the afternoon because you’re out so early and you’ve already had a blast.

A great date for $8.50?  Perfection in my book.

What are your NYC steals?  Share ‘em, post ‘em, let us know.  We’re always looking for that weekend rendezvous, great lunch on the go, or incredible deal.  Comment, Post!  Rooney, if you’re reading, I’m single.

Post authored by Jacob Liberman 


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