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I am a goal setter. I am a list making, vision board having, goal statement writing, Paul Coelho reading, life manifesting, goal setter. I am also a person who sees the end goal first. I know what my kitchen is going to look like in my dream beach house. My aforementioned vision board has goals that are in reality at least 5-10 years away. To some people that is overwhelming and scary. But here’s what I’ve learned. If you are a person like me who sees the big picture, in order to put your goals in motion you have to be specific and work backwards.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”~Mark Twain

Let’s talk about New Year’s Resolutions, for example. I love the optimism of a New Year. Everyone is excited to start anew and looking to the future with positivity. Now, as we’re almost 3 months into the year, how are you doing with your goals? If you are still on the ball, then huzzah to you! Pat yourself on the shoulder and pour yourself a glass of wine. If you’re not, let’s take a look at what probably happened.

Let’s say your resolution was the old standby of “I’m going to get back in shape.” Did you have a well defined plan or did you go to the gym every day for 3 weeks, miss a day, feel bad about yourself, miss another day, feel worse about yourself, eat a bag of potato chips while watching The Bachelor secretly cursing all of those chicks and their perfect bodies, and just give up entirely?

Here’s the thing: don’t set yourself up for failure! If you break down your goal into a series of baby-steps, working backwards from the big picture, it’s easier to get back on the horse if you misstep. So, here’s what I did.

I too set the goal of getting back into shape. However, this was my series of thoughts:

What does getting “back in shape” entail in my eyes?
• Eating a healthy diet
• Getting physical exercise 3-5 times a week
• Feeling energized and confident
• Drinking lots of water daily

And then I broke each one of those down further.

Let’s take “Eating a healthy diet.”
1. Taking my vitamins daily
2. Eating green veggies twice a day
3. Having one meatless, dairy-less day a week
4. Weekly meal planning twice a month
5. Only eating out/ordering in once a week

You get the idea, right? Managing your goals this way helps to take some of the pressure off. If I happen to eat out twice one week, it doesn’t mean I’ve failed at eating healthy and therefore failed my goal of getting back in shape. And I’m back on the horse!

Post authored by Kyra Selman

Kyra is a Taurus with a Virgo rising which means she’s a laid back and practical person with type-a tendencies.  This manifests itself most via the massive purses she carries which, packed with anything and everything she may need on a daily basis (iPhone charger, paper clips, massive supply of lip gloss) is organized into pouches and cases. Most efficient after she’s caffeinated, Kyra can always be found with a soy latte in hand as she conquers the concrete jungle one goal at a time.  
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