Getting Dressed (Not Always So Simple)

Do you neatly set out your outfit each night for the next day? Don’t lie. Who has time for this right?! Well here are some tips to save yourself endless outfit conundrums in the morning. Its easy! Take the time to put the following systems in place and your dressing dilemmas will be a thing of the past.

For the majority of your wardrobe:

Color coding your wardrobe is a great way to make outfits FAST! Start sorting items by type of garment (pants, tops, etc.) and within each garment category by color, then by style. So, if we start with tops; we pull all of the white ones, we sort the white tops by sleeve length – and VIOLA! If you need a white tank ASAP – you know exactly where to find one. Do this for each garment type and never “lose” your favorite anything ever again.

Try storing belts on a belt hanger, ties on a tie rack and accessories, jewelry, scarves and other extras in clear hanging pocket organizers. This way you will be able to see everything and choose wisely. No more rummaging through drawers.

Try this for the busiest weeks:

Staging your wardrobe is another great time saving trick. This involves a bit more up front time, but is worth it – I promise. Stage your wardrobe for a particularly busy week on a Sunday afternoon, when you have some time to breathe and the most up to date look at your schedule for the upcoming week.

Purchase 5-7 suit hangers, a top hanger with pant hanger clips. Clip pants or skirts to the bottom half and drape sweaters and accessories over the top. Hang any additional layering pieces (camisoles, etc.) directly behind the suit hanger so you have everything at the ready.

If you hate suit hangers, and some do, try hanging the individual pieces in your outfit in the following order one after another in your closet: bottom layer (camisole, layering pieces), pants or skirt, top layer (sweater, scarf, etc.), accessories (belts, etc). For dresses, drape sweaters and accessories on one hanger and hang behind the dress – this way you won’t have to take anything off the hanger to get to the first item you need to put on.

A note on hanging sweaters. Hanging out is not something we want our sweaters to do for any great length of time. Nothing is worse than “hanger bumps” where your shoulders should be. Drape sweaters over outfits for short periods of time in your closet (if you stage on Sunday for the week that is fine), or try hanging sweaters over a hanger bar as opposed to on the “shoulders” of the hanger.

Start your day calmly and end it by putting things away properly. Look great and feel great. Simple as pie.

Post authored by Maria Skopas.


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