Odd and Easy Ways to Save Money

COCONUT OIL – A Money Saving Combination 

A Conspiracy – Do you ever wonder why your pantyhose run so easily? Pantyhose are made from nylon. Mineral oil weakens nylon. Most body lotions contain mineral oil. So when you put body lotion on your legs before putting your pantyhose on, you are weakening the nylon, enabling it to run more easily. The pantyhose manufacturers and body lotion producers are making a lot of money off you!

An Economic Solution – It is more economic to use organic coconut oil for two reasons: organic coconut oil is cheaper than body lotion – one jar of coconut oil can last over a year – how many bottles of body lotion do you buy during a year? Your pantyhose won’t run as often so you won’t need to buy as many. Use pure organic coconut oil on your legs instead of body lotion. Organic coconut oil can be found in the cooking section of your health conscious grocery store. I keep a jar of organic coconut oil in the bathroom for moisturizing after showers.

To the Naysayers – If you say, “Isn’t it greasy?” The answer is a resounding “No!” My skin has never been healthier looking. I’m 51 and my skin is soft without any dry wrinkling. My elephant elbows are no more thanks to a little dab of coconut oil (a little goes a long way). Your body heat melts the oil into an easily spread-able liquid.

But Wait There’s More! – I also keep another jar in the kitchen to cook with! It’s a delicious and healthful alternative to cooking with butter. If you can eat it, I figure it is healthier to put on your skin than any man made moisturizer, which usually contains chemicals, preservatives, scents, etc. Your skin is one of your most important organs and it is better to avoid having chemicals touching your skin.

CHOCOLATE CHIPS – Getting a Cheap Fix

Are You a Chocoholic? – I am! Dark chocolate and white chocolate are my preference. And I’m always looking for new ways to buy chocolate cheaper.

Tax-Free! – Did you know that baking chips in NY are tax-free but chocolate bars are taxed? So, to get my fix cheaper, I buy bittersweet dark chocolate chips or white chocolate chips instead of chocolate bars. If they are on sale, I stock up.

Calorie Counting – I bring them to work in glass jars and snack on them as needed. This also cuts down on calories – instead of having to eat an entire candy bar, I only eat a handful of chocolate at a time.


Nature’s Way – Buy vinegar in 1 gallon bottles from any grocery store. Make sure the label says “made from grain”. If the label doesn’t say “made from grain”, the vinegar was made in the laboratory. Vinegar is 5% acid, which kills everything except mold spores. Vinegar is much cheaper than most cleaning products you buy. Even better, stock up when it is on sale! Pour into spray bottles to use.

Rag Time – Instead of using paper towels to clean with, try using washable reusable rags.  I bought a 2 foot high stack of ugly 100% cotton washcloths on sale several years ago and I’m still using them wherever possible to clean with. Of course, for really gross things I do still use some paper towels, but for every day cleaning using the rags vastly reduces the amount of paper towels I buy and throw away.

Go Green – In addition to minimizing the cost of buying cleaning products and paper towels, I’m also helping the environment by reducing waste and using products that pollute less.

Post authored by Elizabeth Metura 

  1. J.D. said:

    This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing these tips, Elizabeth. I’m definintely heading to Trader Joe’s from some choco chips AT LUNCH. Can’t wait to stock up.

    Also, could you guys post some cool tips about choosing/storing/displaying/hiding great snacks at work? I’d love to hear how you guys might attack that problem. Don’t want to make a mess of my desk, but also don’t want my co-workers to steal my munchies!

  2. Elizabeth said:

    Hi, J.D.,

    That’s a great idea. I’ll tease you with a preview – small to mid-sized glass jars with plastic screw-top lids make excellent snack transporters and are easy to hide or share.


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