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Ahh, the crisp air, layered clothes, football games.  Who doesn’t love Fall?  And the best part about the whole thing?  The kiddies are back in school.  You heard me; it’s about routines and knowing what’s expected.  There’s no more juggling act with your schedule as a mere attempt to maintain your sanity, taking out a second mortgage to afford what’s become your full-time nanny, no more playing referee or activities director.  Your summer stressors are o-v-e-r.

Don’t get me wrong I adore summer: the beach, dinners along waterfronts, frosty beverages, weekend trips here, weekend trips there, highlighted hair and tanned skin, sandals, lobster rolls, chillin’ with the fam.  But it gets to a point for me where three months of poolside lounging and BBQs gets exhausting.  It begins to beg for 6am wake up calls, pre-packed lunches, running for the train, school projects, trips and bake sales.  I mean, let’s get back to life and down to business people.

Kids and adults can only maintain that relaxed vibe for so long.  That, “hey what should we do today, we have all the time in the world” attitude that is Summer.  It’s great for getting us centered and reminding us of who and what is really important in life but, come on, it gets old after while.  If we don’t maintain some sort of schedule we begin to feel lost: walking around aimlessly can be a scary thing.  I don’t know about you but if I’m not having a productive day, all I want to do is nap.  And let’s face it, unless you have a really sweet job that gives you time off all summer long, the kids are the only one truly enjoying the freedom anyway.

And speaking of freedom, who’s watching the little ones while you’re strapped to your desk anyway?  It stresses me out.  You either need to shuffle your schedule around to bring them to and from their summer activities (which never works) or hire someone to do it.  It’s an expensive season.  You want them signed up for activities to keep them away from the TV and video games, but how do they get to and from said activities?  And what about the days they’re off?  You need extra help or you’ll go crazy.  Summer sleep away camp is an amazing idea, in and of itself, but of course that’s pricey too.  And if you’re a stay at home parent, you’ll go insane (if you’re anything like me) trying to play activities director slash referee all summer long.  Kids are exhausting and unless you’re similar in age it’s SO hard to keep up.

So, I welcome Fall and the school year with open, loving arms.  School brings a sense of sanity for parents and familiarity to kids.  A familiarity that gives them comfort based on structure whether they recognize it or not.  Us parents can relax knowing that the kids are in one place for at least 7 hours.  Whatever happens after that 7 hours is a story for another day; at least they’re not running free all day long.

Post authored by guest blogger Sarah Doba.

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I decided to start my own blog on a random night in April at about 3 in the morning, because that’s when all good ideas are born.  I was looking for a job I could do from home and as I was almost suckered into an online scam (also what can happen at 3am) it just clicked that I should write about organizing on a regular basis.  I realize it sounds kind of crazy and that’s because it is.  But by 5 am I had 20 post ideas down on paper and 10 posts fully written so I knew I was on the right track.  Good, bad or other. 





After a few weeks of non-stop writing, working with a site designer, jumping into the world of social media, staying up all hours…basically obsessing over this new love of mine, I finally went live this past Mother’s Day weekend.  I was exhausted and excited at the same time.  Glad to have something of my own, and especially happy to finally put all of the tips that I’ve amassed over the years out there for the world to take advantage of.

I’m working full time now so I can’t dedicate every waking second to my blog, but I still get a kick out of meeting other Obsessors (via social media, natch) and think it’s wild that I get the opportunity to guest blog and consult with other bloggers about this crazy online world.  And I’m secretly shocked that the post ideas keep on coming; it’s pretty amazing.  I’ve loved every minute of wildlyorganized and am truly grateful for that random night back in April.



It’s September. My favorite month, actually. Aside from it being the month of my wedding anniversary and the birthdays of about 7 different family members, it’s when we get that first hint of fall! Labor Day passes and suddenly the air smells a bit crisper and you start itching to wear those boots and sweaters you have had packed away since spring. September also means back to school time which, for me, was JUST like that Staples commercial – the most wonderful time of the year! Skipping through the aisles of your favorite office supply store while tossing brightly colored pens and notebooks into the cart… but I digress…

As Brooke mentioned in her post last week, September inspires a shift in our lives. Back to reality. No more beach vacations or summer Fridays or days spent lounging at the pool. So how can we use this change for good? You guessed it – resolutions! That’s a fancy way of saying goals. Use this time as a way to inspire yourself to do those things that you have been meaning to do, but just haven’t gotten around to actually doing. Resolutions don’t just have to be for the new YEAR – they can be for any new time in your life. Here’s a few tips on how to go about setting your September resolutions:

  • Make a list of everything you want to get done, and post it somewhere in your home or office where you can see it throughout the day. I find that if I make a list on my phone or computer, I forget to look at it! But if it’s sitting in the middle of the coffee table or hung up on the fridge, I’m more likely to remember.
  • One of the things that really helps me keep organized with the changing of the seasons, is to swap out my closet. I know, it sounds simple, but so many people don’t actually do this. The sweaters are hanging up right next to the sundresses, and the Uggs are piled on top of the flip flops. Which is fine, if you have a GINORMOUS walk-in closet that BSLM has organized by season. But for most of us – especially here in NYC – our closets are not exactly spacious. Take an hour (or two, if you have a lot of clothes) and just sort through everything. Move the summer stuff to a high shelf or back corner that’s hard to reach, and display those fall gems front and center! This will also make getting dressed in the morning a snap!

Now the final part of making resolutions or setting goals is always the hardest – ACTUALLY DOING THEM!

  • My best advice is to make your goals public. Post them on Facebook or email them to a few close friends and family, then ask them to check up on you to see how you’re doing. If your whole family is participating in these fall resolutions, have a weekly check-in to see how everyone is doing. Hopefully the fear of having to admit you didn’t do any of the things you said you would, is enough inspiration to get them done!
  • If you have a fitness or health related goal, you can sign up for GymPact (  You pledge an amount of money, per week, that you would like to receive for going to the gym/working out a certain amount of times. If you accomplish this goal, they PAY YOU! However, if you DON’T go to the gym, you have to pay them! Talk about motivation!

Now, if you need that last little push to get going on your fall resolutions, here’s a playlist that will surely have you bopping around the house getting things done before you even realize you’re being productive!

Post authored by Beth Renoni

Ah, September. Welcome cool breezes, accent scarves, new pens, Frye boots, school buses, subways full of college kids and welcome back … to real life. Summer feels like a rumor as September gets off to the races, doesn’t it? This month once meant back to school, and still does for some of you reading, but once that phase is over it still feels like back to … Something. Reality? Life? The daily grind? Different strokes for different folks of course, but fall always feels like a return and comes with a sense of settling in. So, how can we make this exciting instead of an excuse to anxiously bite away at a perfectly good, non-neon manicure? We must embrace it. Embrace September in all of its suddenly full calendared, Hamptons free glory. But how?! How can we bring our brains around to the simple truth that life is about to get way crazier and getting dressed in the morning will be about 10 accessories more complicated?!

Well friends, this is what we will explore this month on Praxis. Our lifestyle managers are full of good cheer and new ideas to help you coast right down those leaf crunchy sidewalks perfectly on time for your life, pumpkin latte in hand (you know I can’t just NOT mention coffee in my posts).

Stay tuned this month for a post from Beth Renoni, who takes goal setting to a whole new level of special-kind-of-crazy, a playlist that will get you through those bleary eyed, beach daydream moments and a guest post from a special Mom friend blogger. I will also be telling you about ways to get involved with my most favorite non profit, LitWorld this season.

Thanks for reading Praxis and I can’t wait to read your comments. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for daily tips on how to meet the season head on!

Oh, and if you didn’t bring your boots to the cobbler in April as we asked you to – do it now or risk springing a leak in your favorite pair while wearing your new cashmere socks in the first light snow of the season. #truestory

Oh, and here is a sneak peek from our photo shoot in July. New website coming your way very soon!

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