Nesting, Don’t Get Crazy!

October is here. When the #&!@ did that happen? Summer flew by like a pigeon with a death wish. Like an out of service A train that I had every intention of boarding. Imagine, there I was standing on the platform with my floaties and daydreams of beachy fun. The train approached the station and as the subway cars whizzed by in a mean silver blur, I realized that it wasn’t going to stop. Summer is over. A pang of something unfamiliar shot up from toes and as I wiped the SPF 30 out of my watering eyes I realized what it was – time really does fly the older you get… damn it!

Well, with that melodrama aside I’ll return to my initial statement – October is here! And it is my favorite time of the year! No, really it is! These next 3-ish weeks we get the fleeting spoils of early Fall. The weather is perfection, the autumnal wardrobe selection is the year’s best (ie. chunky knits, sweatshirts, layers, and worn-in jeans), the seasonal treats (apple cider donuts straight from the orchard and butternut squash anything) are delicious, and the best part about October is – it is time for nesting.

In October we instinctively begin preparations for the coming winter. We begin to nest in our own little parts of the city, prepping for our urban hibernation. Hunting, gathering, and cozying up the home become priorities. We take advantage of the season’s sales and stockpile the last of the season’s produce from the farmer’s markets. We buy in bulk and justify our purchases with thoughts like, “Snowmageddon 2012… its gonna happen!” and “The holidays won’t sneak-up on me this year, get one in every color.” Yes, October is the season for nesting but it very can quickly turn into an episode of Hoarders. Do not fall victim to the urge to hoard this month. You don’t want your nest to look all crazy like the ones in central park. You know the ones with yarn and bottle caps and a piece of fluorescent weave all intertwined with sticks and plastic. Don’t do it! No really, they look crazy and you don’t want that!

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself when you’re out hunting and gathering to keep your nesting from turning into hoarding.


Now I realize we’re discussing the purchase of throw pillows or COSTCO paper towels, but I do want to point out that your environment is directly related to you and impacts you both physically and emotionally. So don’t be frivolous with the way you answer them. Really think on it. By asking yourself these simple questions, you stop and take stock of your needs vs. your wants and by holding yourself responsible for what you chose to nest with you’ve empowered yourself and brought that into your home. So with that I wish you a happy October and a happy nesting – but don’t get crazy!

Post authored by Josh Schulteis


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