The Gift of Nothing

I love this season. Top to bottom. Bring on the lights, the crowds, the Gift Wrap Wonderland, the Eggnog Latte, the constant Christmas tunes, the spirited folks and the grinchy. The cold weather always energizes me, and the early dark helps me settle in. I am a winter girl, and I just simply adore this time of year. That said, the most wonderful time of year comes with it’s share of challenges  What to get?! What to give?! How to finish everything in time?! Sugar cookies or the treadmill?!

Here at BSLM we specialize in making things easier. So this month, we are going to help you do just that. Beth and Angela are working up some great posts for you about giving this season. Stay tuned for handy holiday help in the gift wrapping, personalizing and giving department and to learn more about the psychology of giving. Speaking of psychology….

This holiday season, I am trying to think outside the (gift)box. First, if you have never read The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell, get thee to a bookstore, Kindle or Nook nowish. It’s a picture book with a lesson for all ages. It was recently introduced to me, and made me think about gifts I have received and gifts I have given that are untouchable. For example, I have received gifts of loyalty, good friendship, trust, and joy from those around me all year long. Some gifts I think I have to offer are honesty, integrity and a sense of humor. This holiday season, take a minute to stop and think, and even write down, the gifts you have been given and the gifts you have to give that cost only the time it takes you to note them in your mind. Realize perhaps, that you are the recipient and the giver of much more than can be contained in a shiny box tied with a bow.

But still go to the Gift Wrap Wonderland, it’s awesome.

Post authored by Brooke Stone. 







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