Be Nice

In these cold winter months it’s easy to get cranky. We forget to take the time to just simply be nice. In the Starbucks line, when it is finally your turn, do you bark your order at the barista, who inevitably can’t hear you over the whirring espresso machine, only to bark it with an even more nasty edge at full belt when they ask you to please repeat your order? We all have those moments. But let’s take a minute to consider how much nicer it is to just be nice. Not only is it appreciated by the person on the receiving end, but it feels good to do, and almost always, it is a sure fire way to get the help you need in a timely manner.

This week Erin Jerozal interviewed some of our favorite customer service friends, asking them the same question: What is the secret to getting excellent customer service? Their answer: Be nice. Shocked? Check out this video to see what they said, and tomorrow, when that poor barista is sweating over her coffee grinder-deafened hearing loss, just repeat your order with a smile.

P.S. As busy NYC assistants we can certifiably say this trick works over the phone with customer service, in person and even over email.


Video by Erin Jerozal. 


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