About Praxis

Praxis is the blog of Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management. At Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management we custom match busy New Yorkers with expert, skilled and savvy assistants from our pool to bring added organization and productivity to overbooked lives. We take great pride in our pool of New York’s best and most enjoyable assistants. Our mantra? Have fun, get it done.

Praxis is a collection of our musings on ways to implement new practices in your life to maximize every minute and enjoy the freedom that comes from a tidy life and brain space.

Thanks for checking out praxis. We can’t wait to read your comments about the interesting ways our thoughts may (or may not) influence how you might live your life in a more mindful and productive way and look forward to hearing any questions or tips you might have for us! Please send all questions to blog@brookestonelifestylemanagement.com and we will post answers just as soon as we can.


Brooke Stone (President, Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management)                                                Brooke is a New Yorker with a deep love for order, efficiency, productivity and self improvement, a Wife (caps W for sure), type A (to put it mildly), eager beaver (sans tail), happy camper (if tent is in Manhattan) and all around high energy over-achiever (so, sometimes tired). B, which is what her friends call her and how she signs her emails, is also Mother to two cats, 12 Lifestyle Management Professionals and a healthy collection of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Erin Jerozal (Lifestyle Management Professional, Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management)           Erin Jerozal is a northern Californian, turned New Yorker who often gets asked if she’s from the Midwest and for directions in Times Square. She has been known to reorganize spice racks and refrigerator shelves while at parties and has never met a messy desk that can’t be tamed. Erin’s mother lives in constant disbelief that this once “knee-high piles of everything on the floor of her bedroom” messy child now truly enjoys living by the motto: a place for everything and everything in its place!

Beth Renoni (Lifestyle Management Professional, Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management)          Beth’s goal is always to find the positive in any situation. She prides herself on being able to “make it happen” no matter what cards she’s dealt. Like that time she baked 3-dozen pumpkin chocolate chip muffins in a toaster oven in a hotel room in Detroit. She has been known to spend her weekends re-organizing drawers, strolling along the Hudson with her golden retriever Maggie, or mass-producing salted caramels in her kitchen.

Josh Schulteis (Lifestyle Management Professional, Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management) Josh enjoys contained collections of knick-knacks and curiosities and believes that the funnel is an under-rated tool that’s due for a comeback. A Big Sky transplant, Josh can often be found in the aisles of MUJI or The Container Store decompressing from the hustle and bustle of the city he loves to love. A Taurus to a fault, Josh loves a good cup of coffee and organizational systems based off of ROY G. BIV.

Trevor Worden (Lifestyle Management Professional, Brooke Stone Lifestyle Management) Trevor is a true southern gentleman by nature, but a New Yorker by choice. He is drawn to people’s isms and fascinated by human nature. He can most likely be spotted on the subway running from one meeting to another with a pen and paper in hand observing the life around him. Though his roots are much different, Trevor loves this city and the people therein, including helping them help themselves!

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