The beautiful Brooke Stone, herself, recently asked me to ponder a redesign of her current “Must-Read” book list.  Coming along successfully, this particular log format can be beneficial to your everyday life.

THE PROBLEM – Brooke is a bookworm with many lists of must-reads.  When Brooke enters a bookstore, she finds multiple books of interest, takes a picture with her phone, and enters it on a Word document later.  Such a method would seemingly work, but Brooke also has found other peoples’ must-read lists, which she wishes to merge with her own.  So many books—too many lists.  Brooke wanted a singular new design to help her keep track of her many must-reads, so I got to work.

THE SOLUTION – An environmentally friendly digital booklog.  After exploring my options, I found that a simple Excel spreadsheet would do the trick.  Why Excel, you ask?  Not only is a spreadsheet a linear, grid-system, it also condenses loads of information into one, easily navigated screen-shot (versus scrolling for hours on a Word document, or panicking over your lost notebook).


1.  Open a new blank spreadsheet.

2.  Create four column titles: Title, Author, Date Completed, and Rating (1-10).

3.  Using the “Sheet” tabs at the bottom of the document, create as many worksheets as necessary to cover various genres of reading.  For example, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Autobiographies, and How-To Reads.  To create more worksheets, click “Insert”, then “Worksheet”.  Edit the name of the specific worksheet by clicking on it.  Use the arrows to scroll through your worksheets.

4.  Once a book is finished, record the date, your personal rating, and finally cross it off your list (literally)!  In the formatting palette, find “Fonts” and then click the crossed-thru “ABC” button.

5.  Personalize your book log.  Highlight the books you loan to others, or distinguish by color those books that are not immediate must-reads.

6.  You may need to create multiple Book Logs to accommodate all types of reading, if some fall under a work-related category, while others are for personal enjoyment.  You decide what works.

Remember, such a log is interchangeable and can be tweaked for other uses: a workout log (separate sheets by muscle groups), a recipe log (separate by food group or ingredients), or a magazine or song log.  Now, it’s you’re turn.  Good luck, and happy organizing!

Post Authored by Kristen Evensen

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